'Last Orders' Almost Ready for Trials, our sincere thanks to Len & Jo Wenham

As we reach the end of the year, we also near the end of our wait for our new boat, Last Order’s, to be finished and be ready for engine trials.

It has taken much work and time to raise enough funds to finish Last Order’s and have the work done to get her to specification. All of this was only made possible by the very generous donation from Len and Jo Wenham, and we’re sure that their generosity and foresight will ensure that our local community will benefit from this new boat for many years to come.

Jo and Len were landlords at various pubs in the local area (hence the name Last Order’s), and had a love of being on the water. We and the community will forever be in their debt for their kindness in getting this project underway. Very sadly, Len passed away recently and will not have the pleasure of seeing his legacy on the water, but no doubt he would have been proud, and Jo will be the guest of honour at the launch party.

‘Volunteer’ will remain with the service and be used for training and additional events that will require our services, whilst allowing us to operate as normal with Last Order’s.

FCP Team