New Years Day Fundraising Event Felixstowe Ferry

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Our particular local marine rescue charity relies almost solely on public donations to stay afloat.

Since 2004 the Bawdsey Foot Ferry has operated every New Years Day especially to raise funds for the Felixstowe Volunteer Coast Patrol Rescue Service.

This event has undoubtedly become something of a homage to many people and friends who religiously support the event. This year we enjoyed a bright dry day with so many people on both sides of the river awaiting the ferry that is was remininscent of 'Dunkirk'. John White - Felixstowe Ferry Harbour Master was presented with a service commemorative plaque in sincere recognition of his efforts over the years. (See above photo).

This New Years Day John, his wife Anne, Diane and Asst Harbour Master Stephen Read all helped to raise an amazing £1500 towards our funds. Thanks to donations such as this, the service was last year able to handle seventy-nine incidents involving eighty-one people and saved three lives. The highlights of the year were being given full responsibility for the safety and security of the River Owrell 'Olympic Torch Procession' and receiving the High Sheriffs Community Award.

May we sincerely wish all those who organised and supported the event, a very Happy New Year to you all.

Measured Brilliance